Dr. Robert Downer

Dr. Robert Downer is a clinical embryologist certified by the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE).

In 2002 he graduated from Trinity College Dublin with a PhD in microbial genetics where he studied the mechanisms by which certain bacteria cause human disease. Following his graduation Robert continued his research studies where he focused on developing rapid methods for detecting disease causing bacteria in food.

Following these studies, he joined one of the world’s largest FDA-regulated diagnostics companies. There he led teams that supported, improved and maintained several diagnostic products used by oncologists in the management of cancer particularly liver, testicular and breast cancer.

Since 2010 Robert has held positions in a number of IVF clinics throughout Ireland including lead clinical embryologist, laboratory manager, quality management and clinic manager. He has a deep knowledge of the scientific techniques involved in reproductive medicine as well as vast experience in the quality, regulatory and compliance aspects of the IVF sector in Ireland.

Robert has also provided training regarding the scientific techniques involved in reproductive medicine to medical students, GPs and medical professionals in hospitals. He has particular interest in the causes and treatment of male infertility and has presented research findings to the Irish Fertility Society (IFS).