Obstetric Antenatal Care

Dr. Nikhil Purandare is our private obstetrician who has almost 20 years of experience in the field of Obstetrics. Dr. Purandare offers safe and personalised antenatal care.

Obstetric antenatal care involves an early pregnancy scan, a 12 weeks booking visit which involves a thorough consultation, bloods, urine analysis and a dating scan.

Subsequent visits will be at 16,20,24,28,32, 36, 38, 39/40 and 41 weeks. Each visit will involve a thorough consultation and an ultrasound for fetal growth and well-being. If necessary you visits may be more frequent. Dr. Purandare uses state of the art ultrasound equipment to assess fetal well-being. Anatomy scans are provided as part of the antenatal care. The practice will organise this with a fetal medicine consultant.

All private antenatal patients will be provided with Dr. Purandare’s mobile number for emergencies for the duration of the pregnancy.
Private postnatal rooms are provided as they become available. Dr. Purandare will review you six weeks after delivery and if necessary more often during the postnatal period.

Antenatal care is provided at the Fertility & Fetal Health clinic – see our location

Labour, Delivery and Postnatal Care is provided at: University College Hospital Galway

Please contact your GP to organised shared private care.

Antenatal Classes

Personalised antenatal classes, calm birth preparation packages, hypnobirthing and breastfeeding support are provided by our specialist midwife Cora Marnell. Evening and weekend classes are available.

Find out more about our antenatal classes.