Dr. Purandare and his team have treated many women and couples in Galway and the west. See just some of the testimonials from his patients below.

"Within 14 months of meeting Dr Nik our beautiful baby boy was born safe and well"

My husband and I were referred to Dr. Nik after an ectopic pregnancy in October 2017. Having been through a long fruitless journey for a child, meeting Dr Nik was one of the best things that has ever happened to us as a couple. Within 14 months of meeting Dr Nik our beautiful baby boy was born safe and well!

During our initial in-depth consultation, Dr Nik was kind, empathetic and very informative and we walked away with renewed hope. He put together a thorough plan for our fertility treatment and provided clear, calm guidance. Dr Nik’s attention to detail and personal investment in our success allowed us to relax during the IVF cycle. Fortunately we had a successful conception after our first round of IVF.

Dr Nik’s exceptional care, support and attention to detail continued throughout our pregnancy which enabled us to enjoy the experience. He was extremely dilligent and took a low risk, proactive approach, going above and beyond to make sure both our unborn baby and I were ok at all times, including being present for the birth in the early hours of the morning.

Dr Nik is a genuinely kind and caring man who is exceptional at his job which he approaches like a vocation.

Thank you to Dr Nik and his team for enabling us to have the family we had dreamed of for so long!

— P & G

"Dr. Nik was professional, positive, supportive, thoughtful and a great communicator."

Our story with Dr Nik begins when we had three embryos remaining from our original five embryos. Before we meet Dr Nik, I had two transfers which unfortunately were unsuccessful.

We were advised to meet Dr Nik and five minutes into our consultation we knew we were on the right track.

Dr Nik completed my surgery which improved the likelihood of a positive pregnancy. I had my first boy in 2017. As it happened, Dr Nik was on duty on the night of the delivery. I had a few complications during the delivery, but was thankful Dr Nik was there to oversee everything. Unfortunately, the forth transfer was unsuccessful but the fifth was positive and our second son was born in 2019. Thankfully this time around there was no complications during the delivery.

Dr Nik was great to us during all this time, he was also so professional, positive, supportive, thoughtful and a great communicator.

I’d like to thank Dr Nik and his team for helping us create our family. My only worry now is that I’ll always be out voted when is comes to sport on the TV!

Go raidh mile maith agat Dr Nik.

— Anonymous

"The level of care, consideration and diligence was exceptional"

I have been attending Dr Nik since October 2017 after being referred to him by my GP. To say this was the best thing that ever happened me is an understatement.

Dr Nik was amazing, he took such great care of me. He was truly invested in us and his kindness is exceptional. In October 2018 I became pregnant. The level of care, consideration and diligence provided by Dr Nik throughout my pregnancy was exceptional. He left no stone unturned and as a result of his exceptional care and attention our son James was born. Dr Nik made me feel 100% safe and when our son arrived early I had no worries because I trusted Dr Nik completely and he never left my side that day.

— Maeve

"Dr. Purandare with his talents & expertise has blessed our family with two beautiful children"

We had given up all hope of having kids until the day we met Dr. Purandare. It was beyond lonely just the two of us, my husband and I.

Dr. Purandare with his talents and expertise has blessed our family with two beautiful children, our once empty house is now a very lively home. Every morning we have to pinch ourselves that we are now parents.

I received the highest level of care, respect and support.  Every step of the fertility process was explained in detail and I always felt very comfortable and reassured during what was a very stressful time. We would highly recommend Dr. Purandare for fertility treatment.

— Anonymous

"There is nothing Dr. Purandare would not do to make sure his patients are well looked after"

I was lucky enough on two occasions to be treated privately by Dr. Nikhil Purandare. Dr. Purandare delivered our two beautiful daughters at University College Hospital Galway.

For both of my pregnancies Dr. Purandare was always available to answer any of my queries and concerns and was easily contactable at all times.  The level of care and respect I was shown is impossible to put into words . Dr. Purandare has a caring and approachable manner and he went over and beyond that was expected of him to make sure I was always happy and reassured. There is nothing that Dr. Purandare would not do to make sure his patients are well looked after.

Dr. Purandare is a very good listener and easy to talk to. His experience and knowledge are world class. Thank you for the great prenatal and post natal care and stress free deliveries of out two daughters.

We highly recommend Dr. Purandare.

— Aisling and Hugh

"I highly recommend Dr Purandare"

Dr. Purandare is a patient, kind and gentle man. This, combined with his diligent work ethic, vigilant attention to detail and his professionalism was exactly what I was looking for in a Consultant Obstetrician. Sometimes we feel as patients that we have to choose between personality and professional expertise, but with Nik, there is no compromise; I was comforted to know he carries both with ease.

It warmed my heart that Nik always asked about my husband and considered him when we were making decisions. It’s so easy for the professionals to forget about the partner who is worrying for the mother and preparing for parenthood himself – Nik had my husband in mind too, which made us both feel secure.

I enjoyed watching Nik interact with other staff members with respect and fondness for each other. I could see that the midwives hold him in high regard.

Most significantly, Nik listened to my wishes and birthing preferences… I was confident of this because he often mentioned how he was factoring them in to his thinking. Nik always took the time to explain everything so that my consent was informed; this made it easy to trust him and to feel assured that he was making the right plan / decision for me, my baby and my husband. In short, Nik made me feel secure, empowered and reassured that I was in safe, professional and experienced hands. I couldn’t recommend Dr. Purandare highly enough.

— Sarah

"I always felt reassured and in excellent hands"

Dr. Purandare looked after me for the duration of both my pregnancies. Throughout my first pregnancy, the level of care I received was exceptional from the early weeks right through to the safe delivery of my baby and so when I became pregnant again I was delighted to engage Dr. Nik again.

For both of my pregnancies I found Dr. Nik to be very thorough and take a very proactive approached to my care. I always felt reassured and in excellent hands. It was also very noticeable what an excellent relationship Dr. Nik has with his team, which is very important.

Both my husband and I are so grateful for the professional, personal and kind care I received from Dr. Nik.

— Anita